Monday, January 31, 2011

*an absence of noise much like in the midst of a midnight snowfall, when it seems like the world has paused and you can barely hear your own heartbeat; surrounded by swirling nothingness, wondering if there is indeed anyone out there, or if everyone is gone and you are the last remaining conscious being on the planet; waiting for a sign, a signal that this is not the eternity you are damned to; that's how quiet it seems*

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Topic?

Since it's been a while without posts I am proposing that we have a new topic. Thing is, I'm having a hard time deciding on one, since it has become apparent that we have lost our desire to rise to a challenge, as evidenced by our lack of posting for topics as posted. So what is challenging enough as to evoke artistry on the part of our members but not so challenging that people are going to not participate because they have to think too much or go out of their way to create something?

One thought I had was Reimagination, sort of a different take on the previous topic of Transformation. Reimagine one piece of work in a different medium, or something like that. Your previous work redone, someone else's work as reimagined by yourself, something along those lines. But then I thought, Hmm, is that too much work that people won't do it?

So then I tried to choose a simpler topic. How about Light? Light can be interpreted so many ways, and lends itself to a variety of mediums, right? But is it too simple? Will people spend so much time thinking about how to present the topic of Light that they never create anything?

What about a very specific, somewhat mid-line difficulty topic, an assignment moreso? For example, Choose a Word that Describes an Aspect of You, Go to Flickr/Google Images/Whatever and Search that Term, Go to the (Your Age)th Picture, and Write a Short Story Using That Picture. Seems very meme-ish. And writing-specific. Which might not fly. (Although it'd probably get more contributions than, say, Yarncrafting. Go knit/crochet something, folks. There's a challenge.)

So as far as a new topic goes, I am at a loss. I want to inspire artistry and see contributions from those more silent members of this blog. But I don't want to take the time to think about topics, choose one I feel has promise, and then be disappointed down the road when no one submits. I understand we are all busy people, and that we have to give priority to real life and things other than our art. But if we never take the time to do that which we love, then are we truly artists, or just wannabes? Even a half-assed submission still flexes our creative muscles and proves that yes, we still have it in us.

I welcome discourse on the subject of a new topic, whether there would be any interest in any of my suggestions, if people are looking for a challenge or simply a word-of-the-day that can maybe possibly inspire them but maybe possibly won't. The name of the blog is Misery Competition, but I feel the only misery is the lack of posts therein.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Like I Need Another Hobby

Decided to attempt needle tatting, without a tatting needle (used a yarn needle) or appropriately sized thread (used yarn). Followed directions on an Instructable written by a blogger I follow (TotusMel of Needle Tatting and Other Nonsense and TotusMel's Wunderkammer - she featured one of Volk's art gears here); didn't watch the accompanying video.

Observation the First: Tatting needles are designed for the function of tatting. Yarn needles are not. The eye end is fat and one can hurt their fingers attempting to draw the needle through the tatting.

Observation the Second: Yarn is not an ideal material for tatting. It wants to unspin itself.

Observation the Third: I should have also watched the instructional video, as there is definitely some twisting and warping in my attempt, which I'd bet wouldn't be there if I had. Or if I knew more about tatting rings and chains. Which now I do.

Cell phone photos for your enjoyment (cell phone is not good at close up details):

(for size comparison)
Just felt like sharing.

(As a side note... if any of you guys with Etsy shops have items posted that fall into the Dark/Steamy category or close enough, links can be suggested to TotusMel for feature on the Wunderkammer... I'm more than willing to make suggestions on the off chance that a feature will send some views/business your way.)